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Charlotte A. Abney Salomon
Associate Director, Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry
Beth Alfaro
Director, Human Resources
Alex Asal
Gallery Guide
Ashley Augustyniak
Head of Reference and Reader Services
Joshua Balascak
Associate Director of Development Services
Elisabeth Berry Drago
Director of Visitor Engagement; Podcast Cohost
Mary Ellen Bowden
Senior Research Fellow
Clay Cansler
Editorial Director
Mariel Carr
Manager of Video and Podcast Production
David Caruso
Director, Center for Oral History
Kevin Cavanaugh
Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Financial Officer
David Cole
President and CEO
Caitlyn Davis
Conference Center Event Coordinator
Sarah Devinney
Conference Center Operations Manager
Michelle DiMeo
Vice President of Collections and Programs; Arnold Thackray Director of the Othmer Library
Erin Gavin
Collections Assistant
Nyomi Gonzalez
Education Programs Coordinator
Rigoberto Hernandez
Video and Podcast Producer
Clare Hirai
Digital Content and Web Production Specialist
Jessica Inzeo
Audiovisual Technology Specialist
Mia Jackson
Digital Engagement Editor
Kenton Jaehnig
Senior Archivist
Stephanie Kish
Director of Accounting
Joseph Kolakowski
Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Rachel Lane
Program Associate, Center for Oral History
Matthew Lorenz
Audiovisual Operations Manager
Caitlin Martin
Director of Communications
Caroline McCarthy
Rebecca McCarthy
Assistant Editor
Erin McLeary
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President
Christine Mellon
Manager, Programs and Special Events
Sarah Newhouse
Digital Preservation Archivist
Alexis J. Pedrick
Director of Digital Engagement; Podcast Cohost
Kate Perkins
Staff Accountant
Annabel Pinkney
Digital Collections Librarian
Laura Prewitt
Gallery Guide
Sara Ray
Director, Foundation and Government Relations
Jonathan Rochkind
Software Developer/Technical Lead
Dana Rodriguez
Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Eddie Rubeiz
Library Applications Developer


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